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China's new mega bridge from Hong Kong to Macau built using Metalube lubricants

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China's new mega bridge from Hong Kong to Macau built using Metalube lubricants


Leading lubricant specialist Metalube, has supplied environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricants for the lifting cranes employed to build the multi-billion-dollar, 55 km bridge, linking Hong Kong to Macau.

As one of the world's longest sea bridges, there was a need to ensure that products used in building the bridge structures over open ocean were biodegradable and wouldn't cause harm to the environment. Metalube's Ropetek WRD 40-1 is one of few products on the market able to deliver high quality lubrication whilst remaining environmentally friendly. As such, Ropetek WRD 40-1 was used throughout the bridge's construction.

Ropetek WRD 40-1 provides effective lubrication and corrosion protection to the steel ropes of the floating cranes, enabling far greater rope longevity whilst also protecting the sea water environments. The product is known for its excellent resistance to moisture and oxidation protects against corrosion induced failure.

It also has exceptionally high-load carrying solids that minimise friction and wear between wires and strands. WRD 40-1's extreme resistance to water prevents the lubricant being washed from the rope making it an ideal solution for the floating lifting cranes.

Metalube exports 95% of its production to over 90 countries worldwide and has offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Shanghai. In Manchester the company has a fully integrated lubricant manufacturing facility including new state-of-the-art laboratories. Research and development are key to the business and it is constantly investing in the Metalube® Technology Centre ensuring technical excellence and innovation across its entire range of products and services.

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