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IG China 2018 – No. 1 Brand Show for Industrial Gases Sector Celebrates its 20th Year

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With its 20th consecutive year of good successful records, IG China -- a shorten word for China International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Applications is recognized as the world only branded trade show in the industrial gases sector and will celebrate its 20th Anniversary Opening in Hangzhou International Expo Center on September 5 to 6, 2018 where G20 Summit was held in 2016. IG China has seen its steady growth and improvement over the past 20 years and has become the flagship guidance of the global gases industry for all the industrial players.

Talking about the Chinese history, Hangzhou is surely an important and world-known historical city in China. The G20 Summit was held in this venue which has presented to the world a surprisingly panorama of this historical city and the success of the Summit. Hence, the Organizers of IG China has decided to choose this Center of this City to celebrate its 20th Anniversary Ceremony and to make a splendid showcase to the members of national associations as well as the international delegates in September of 2018.

As a Chinese famous poet depicted Hangzhou in his Poem, “ There is a heaven above, here below is Hangzhou”. This poem gives us a beautiful picture of Hangzhou. Other famous stories about this City are well-known such as the cultural relics of Grand River Tunnel and Linyin Temple. The Chinese version of Juliet and Romeo Romantic story is Liangzu Romance which is famous to the world. IG China is designated for this City because of its beautiful sight-seeing and history.

More than that, Hangzhou has been appraised by Marco Polo as the Best and Elegant City of the world in the 13th century. Besides, the New York Times has given its evaluation of Hangzhou as the Top 41 resort city in the world in 2011. The West Lake and Jinghang Grand River Tunnel have been listed in the < World Heritage Book>.

In China, Hangzhou is the first ASU industrial base with the top brand of Hangzhou Oxygen Group based in the City. It has many its branch companies like compressors, chemical and medical engineering, turbine machinery, ASU accessory, oxygen production and alloy heads. Hangzhou Oxygen Group has become the largest company of ASU units and the petrol chemistry equipment manufacturer ranging from R & D, design to the production ranking as the TOP 5 global ASU supplier and the biggest manufacturing base of ASU unit and design in Asia.

2018 will witness its key step of industrial upgrading and integration for the industrial gases industry in China. The theme of IG China 2018 is designed as Green and Innovative Technology with Tailor-made Manufacturing Moves forwards Smart Era. Many specially programmed functions will be planned, such as 1. 20th Anniversary Ceremony Show Village; 2. IG China 20th Anniversary Award and Gala Reception Party; 3. Official Day of IG China on 3rd Day will be organized for all exhibitors and VIP Buyers to join in the Technical Tour to the ASU base and VIP Buyers’ Day.

IG China 2018 will make special invitations to the global associations such as Asia Pacific Gases Manufacturers Association, European Industrial Gases Association, All Indian Gases Manufacturers Association, Indian Cryogenic Engineering Society and Korean High Pressure Gases Association as well as the relevant ASEAN national associations to support this Event.

The target trade buyers and distributors are to be invited from the relevant sectors of gases production, automobiles, iron & steel, chemistry, metallurgy, medical and hospitals, glass, food and beverages, as well as electronics.

IG China 2018 has started its overall promotion and sales. By this date, 68 companies have taken their booth reservations covering a total space of 3,000 sq. meters. All marketing media has been put in use like the websites, WeChat, emails. We are expecting to have your positive supports and participation of this branding IG China event in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

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