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Saket Tiku unanimously elected as AIIGMA President

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The All Industrial Gases Manufacturer’s Association (AIIGMA) has elected Saket Tiku as President of the association.

During its Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) held on 13th March, AIIGMA announced the newly elected Managing Committee/Board. Immediately after the AGM, a meeting of the elected Managing Committee/Board Members was held in Hotel Avani Riverside in Bangkok, wherein Tiku was unanimously elected as the President of the association. He previously held the position of President from 2012 to 2014.

The 41st Seminar on Industrial Gases, organised by AIIGMA, took place in Bangkok on 12th and 13th March. It was an eventful two day programme with representation from 41 cities, 16 states and 12 countries.

The technical papers spread over VI Sessions emphasized on the theme ’Beyond Molecules - Logistics, Production, Innovation, Storage & Service’. Eminent speakers from India and abroad gave their informative and interesting presentations. Doug O’Dell, Trackabout’s Vice-President of Sales, was adjudged the Best Technical Paper presenter.


Photo of mr. saket tiku


Source: AIIGMA

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