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Messer reports strong 2021 results despite market volatility

Source:  Update:2022-06-15 21:00:35 Author:  Browse:46

Family-owned industrial gases giant Messer has published its 2021 key financial indicators, revealing double-digit growth and strong sales across all markets supported by diversified portfolios.

Total sales of €3.5bn reflected the increased demand for industrial gases, building upon Messer’s 2020 figures of €3.1bn, an 11% increase. 

Successful growth was also seen in China and the ASEAN Region, with sales of €752m. 

The strong demand in liquefied industrial gases – particularly by customers in the steel industry – saw sales in China increase by 13.4% compared with 2020. 

This pattern was followed in Vietnam, where Messer saw revenue rise by 26.9% compared with the previous year, again resulting mainly from the steady demand for liquefied industrial gases, mainly due to the start-up of a new steel plant in 2020. 

Malaysia and Thailand represented growth of 42.9% following a contribution of €7m to total sales within the ASEAN region. 


In Eastern Europe, the company benefitted from a boost in medical gas sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic and general economic recovery in the region, resulting in a sales increase of 15.8% to €532m. 

Companies acquired in Slovakia and the Czech Republic brought in revenue for a full twelve months for the first time in fiscal year 2021. 

Under at-equity holding of Messer Group, Messer Industries Group, the company’s sales in Western Europe showed ‘good momentum’, reaching €392m, an increase of 10.7% compared with 2020. 

This growth was due to better economic conditions, production resuming in Tarragona, Spain, and the operation of the new air separation unit in Speyer, Germany. A pricing policy succesfully offset the surge in energy prices in the second half of the year. 


Continued high demand for both liquefied industrial gases and increased hardware sales saw revenue in North America rise by 5.7%, totalling €1.4bn. 

As in Europe, medical gases sales remained at a high level due to pandemic-related demand. 

The business unit in South America saw revenue of €296m, up by 14.5% compared with 2020, driven largely by a very strong demand for medical oxygen in combination with a rise in sales volumes and price increases. 

Brazil played a significant role in the sales numbers, with the country responsible for generating €181m euros. The commissioning of the new carbon dioxide (CO2) plant in Jandaia do Sul also contributed to the upward trend.

In 2020, Messer Americas was ranked as one of the best companies in Brazil by Época Negócios 360°.


In 2021, the company’s investments increased by around 12% to €520m, with relevant projects including initiatives to modernise or expand existing production facilities and building new units for air gases, CO2 recovery and hydrogen.

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