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SIAD MI completes nitrogen compressor for hydrocracking unit

Source:  Update:2022-06-22 19:28:14 Author:  Browse:190

Italian compressor and air separation unit (ASU) manufacturer SIAD Machine Impianti (SIAD MI) has completed work on a horizontal nitrogen compressor which will used at a new hydrocracking unit at the Assiut National Oil Processing Company (ANOPC) based in central Egypt.

The compressor, model HDS2-1, was commissioned by Technip Energies Italy and will enable gas circulation within the hydrocracking unit and between the desulphurisation section, the catalytic reforming unit and the Hydrogen Plant Unit (HPU). 

Designed to produce high-grade oil products, the hydrocracking unit also aims to reduce the ecological impact of hydrogen carbon refining processes. 

Powered by a 760 kW (kilowatt) motor, the single-stage compressor is designed with two horizonal cylinders in oil-free configuration. 

To allow the compressor to operate safely and minimise maintenance, the company has carefully selected the critical components that are kept in contact with nitrogen, such as piston rings.

ANOPC is currently undergoing a large-scale expansion and modernisation project that aims to help meet the growing demand for petroleum products in Upper Egypt.

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