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ENGIE and Yara to test green hydrogen technology in fertiliser production

Source:gasworld Update:2019-03-12 17:52:50 Author:佚名 Browse:270

The study’s goal is to design a green hydrogen plant integrated with Yara’s existing ammonia plant in Pilbara, Western Australia.

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Source: Yara

It aims to transform the plant from one that relies completely on natural gas for hydrogen to one where a significant share of the hydrogen comes from renewable power. Reaching the goal will significantly reduce the plant’s CO2 emissions.

According to ENGIE and Yara, the Pilbara region is the ideal location for the study, with plenty of sun and seawater – key ingredients to producing renewable hydrogen.

“Yara and ENGIE have the complementary expertise and experience to take on such a complex project, but the key ingredient in this venture is our mutual commitment to a healthier planet and a sustainable future,” said Yves Bonte, Executive Vice-President of New Business at Yara.

“This project is in line with ENGIE’s goal to be a pioneer in the new energy world, a decarbonised world, accessible to everyone everywhere,” added Michèle Azalbert, ENGIE Hydrogen CEO.

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Source: Yara

Michèle Azalbert, CEO of ENGIE Hydrogen and Yves Bonte, Executive Vice-President of New Business at Yara at the agreement signing

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