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CRYO Science designs cryotherapy chamber for Air Products in the US

Source:gasworld Update:2019-03-12 17:53:22 Author:佚名 Browse:296

CRYO Science and Air Products are teaming up in the US to limit nitrogen exposure and provide a breathable air environment for cryotherapy patients.

The cryotherapy equipment manufacturer has worked closely with Air Products to have its chamber meet the Tier One corporation’s requirements for the supply of liquid nitrogen for indirect-contact whole body cryotherapy applications in the US.

CRYO Science has designed the Cryo Artic™, which only exposes the user to breathable air vapour and not to nitrogen gas. The nitrogen is filtered out through the system before the air comes into contact with the user.

“The reliability of Air Products’ nitrogen supply system will in-turn allow more people across the US access to the CRYO Artic and its benefits, while ensuring a consistently safe technology for the user,” explained CEO of CRYO Science North America Amir Amirsadegi.

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