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Oxygen Supply to Front-line and Fight against the "Epidemic" Nationwide

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Since January 2020, a sudden COVID-19 epidemic has swept across China. The epidemic is ferocious, with Wuhan, where the epidemic was first discovered, as the source, and gradually spread to all parts of the country. In the face of the raging virus, China has acted quickly all over the country, once again setting off an upsurge of "Joining hands-in-hands to overcome difficulties". For a time, many touching stories made people cry and made their blood boil. In this process, many enterprises in the gas industry courageously assume the responsibility mission, uniting as one at the critical moment and providing medical oxygen to the major medical institutions day and night, and brought the Hope of Life to the infected patients.


An old Chinese Poem describes the situation as "Why say no wear? With thee I share. Weapons as such, with thee I march! "




As one of the cores of hospitals’ supporting system, the adequacy of medical oxygen is directly related to medical safety, the life and safety of patients. At this critical moment of the outbreak and the concentration of patients, Chinese gas companies moved quickly to build a solid energy bridge for the “white angels” on the front line of fighting the "Epidemic", so that they can faster and better seize the fresh lives from the hands of death. Let us remember the names of these gas companies (more to be added by order of news) and pay our highest respects to them!



Company Name


China Baowu Wuhan Iron and Steel Co.


Sichuan Ebian Rongcheng Gases Co.


Beijing Praxair Gases Co.


Air Liquide (Dongying) Co., Ltd.


AnYang Iron and Steel Group


CIMC Shengdain Cryogenic Co.


Longkou East China Gases Co., Ltd.


Praxair (Shanghai Meishan) Gases Co.


Carer (Suzhou) Medical Technology Co. Ltd.


Linde (Zheniang) Co. Ltd.


It is better to keep lack of oxygen in the blast furnace than to let the patients lack oxygen.

Since January, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Baowu, China, has provided more

than 1200 cubic meters of liquid medical oxygen (equivalent to 1 million cubic meters of gaseous medical oxygen) to more than 20 hospitals, accounting for more than half of the medical oxygen consumption in Wuhan. At present, the preparation capacity is abundant at 24-hour with three-shift production in turn.


Sichuan Ebian Rongcheng Gas Co., Ltd. produces more than 300 tons of medical oxygen every day, which is transported to the front line of epidemic prevention inside and outside the province. Since January 22nd, about 2700 tons of liquid oxygen have been transported with all efforts made to ensure the production during the Spring Festival.


Beijing Praxair Gases Co., Ltd. continuously provided medical oxygen to more than 20 large hospitals and distributed 50 to 80 tons of medical liquid oxygen and 300 to 500 bottles of medical oxygen to tankers in major hospitals every day. In the face of the epidemic, care of love does not cease.


Air Liquide (Dongying) Co., Ltd. strictly implemented the leadership of 24-hour shift system and staff shift preparation system, and has supplied more than 500 tons of medical oxygen to major medical institutions inside and outside the Province.

Go all out to win the war of prevention and control of the Epidemic.


Anyang Iron and Steel Group has donated about RMB3.5 million worth of medical liquid oxygen. At 11:20 on February 5, under the air separation tower of the Gas Manufacturing Company of Anyang Iron and Steel Group, two gas tankers filled with 18 tons and 26 tons of medical liquid oxygen were tested and sent to the front line of “anti-epidemic war”. This is the first batch of "vanguard" of medical liquid oxygen worth about RMB 3.5 million donated by Anyang Iron and Steel Group, which can better meet the oxygen demand of hospitals and alleviate the plight of "hypoxia" in the first-line anti-epidemic hospitals in Henan Province.

   Soldiers are very expensive, and every batch of materials arriving at the scene is a race against life.


CIMC Shengdain Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. urgently completed two emergency production tasks: on January 28, after receiving the task of medical oxygen equipment in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, the company shipped two medical liquid oxygen storage tanks to Wuhan in only 48 hours. On January 30, due to the commissioning of the centralized oxygen supply station of Huanggang Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center, CIMC Sheng Diane completed the piping and commissioning of the equipment as quickly as possible within 24 hours, and sent the equipment to Huanggang, Hubei Province.

   Every effort will be made to ensure the normal use of oxygen in medical institutions and rescue oxygen for patients such as pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus.


In order to ensure the normal oxygen consumption in Longkou area and the 24-hour supply of liquid medical oxygen and bottled medical oxygen in hundreds of hospitals and clinics in Jiaodong region (Shandong Province), Longkou East China Gas Co., Ltd. persisted in production during the Spring Festival and transported oxygen to various medical institutions at any time. The Company tightened the strings, with a daily production capacity of 120 tons, while maintaining the original price on the basis of quality assurance to ensure the supply of oxygen to the hospitals. According to statistics, since January this year, the Company has supplied more than 580 times of medical oxygen to various medical institutions.

   For patients with severe pneumonia, oxygen therapy can save lives!


Praxair (Shanghai Meishan) Gases Co., Ltd., the average daily supply of medical oxygen to the hospital is about 120 tons, now produced about 130 tons. In order to meet the oxygen demand of a large number of patients in the hospitals, this Company made every effort to coordinate equipment and other supply channels to solve the urgent needs of the hospitals.

   Assist Wuhan to fight the "Epidemic Situation" together.


Carer (Suzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. donated 100 oxygen machines, which were delivered to Huanggang City, Hubei Province on February 5. In addition, on the evening of February 4th, CarerTec Company urgently rescued 1500 oxygen-making machines in Wuhan for further treatment of patients.


Linde (Zhejiang) Company has adjusted its production plan according to the development of the Epidemic, focusing on the production of medical oxygen and ensuring adequate transport capacity. According to incomplete statistics, Linde has provided medical oxygen supply guaranteed for more than 90 such hospitals nationwide. Take Nanjing as an example. Linde currently produces hundreds of tons of medical oxygen every day in response to the Epidemic campaign, covering most hospitals in Nanjing. In view of the shortage of medical supplies for the prevention and control of the epidemic, Linde donated RMB1.1 million to the areas with serious epidemic in Hubei Province through the Shanghai Charity Foundation to purchase various medical supplies for the prevention and control of the epidemic.


From the point of view of the industry, gas has always been regarded as “the Blood of Industries”. In the face of the Epidemic, the gas can be called the "Blood of Life". At a time when people of all ethnic groups in China are working together to fight against the Virus, we are gratified to see the responsibilities and actions of Chinese gases enterprises. As the life-blood of the country, Chinese gases enterprises who take human well-being as their own responsibility and act quickly, have become the vanguard of China's road to fight the "epidemic", and made due contributions to protecting the country and the people. Feeling the great love and feelings of the gases people, IG, CHINA and IG Asia commit to make greater efforts to contribute to the further vigorous development of the entire global gases industry while supporting the development of the gases industry as ever!

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