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IG CHINA, the only global trade show dedicated to the industrial gases industry, has witnessed its 23 years of hard work and steady growth to be recognized an annual Must-attend event of off-line technical exchanges and trade procurement. Launched since 1999 by AIT Events, IG China supported by both the international and local Chinese industrial associations has been an important engine of driving the industrial gases growth and its applications of all different nations and China.

IG, CHINA 2023 will be held at at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, Sichuan Province on June8-10,2023Welcome to join us!


Exhibit Profile

■ Industrial Gases Equipment, System and Technology

■ Gases Applications

■ Affiliated Equipment and Suppliers

■ Gas Analyzers & Instruments and Meters

■ Cylinder Testing Equipment

■ Medical Gas Equipment

■ Latest Energy Saving Gases and Equipment

■ Compressor Power Equipment

■ Cryogenic Temperature Heat Exchange Equipment

■ Cryogenic Liquid Pumps

■ Industrial Automation and Security System

■ Measurement and Analysis Instrument

■ Fluid Separation Equipment and Valves

■ Special Pipelines and Materials

■ Other Related Equipment


IG China was invested and established by AIT EVENTS in 1999, and formally registered the trademark of IG (industrial gas) China exhibition in 2001. Any unauthorized use of this trademark is an infringement ! 

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