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A.Stand building-up: 

 The organizer will be in charge of the main design for all halls, and the exhibitors will be responsible for stand design, including exhibiting goods display, pictures, descripctions. 


 1.Space with Shell Scheme : 

 Regular size: 3m×3m. This option includes: back & side walls (height 2.5m), carpet, fascia board (height 0.3m), one consulting table and two chairs, two fluorescent lighting and one power point (220V, 5A). If you have special requirement about the power, please notify us and the Exhibition center, it should be paid. 


 2.Raw space and building-up:

 Facilities will not be included for this option. You can appoint the official stand contractor, or you can appoint non-official contractor, building up height should be no higher than 6 m.


 B. Freight Forwarding


C. Hotel Accommodation

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