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H2 Mobility, Shell and Air Liquide open hydrogen fuelling station in Düren

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H2 Mobility Deutschland, Shell and Air Liquide have announced the opening of the Shell hydrogen fuelling station ImGrossen Tal 1 in Düren, Germany.

The H2 filling station is available for refuelling hydrogen buses and trucks at 350 bar, and cars at 700 bar, with hydrogen supplied from Air Liquide.

The station is conveniently located on the A4 motorway and closes the supply gap between Cologne and Aachen. The station complements the 19 hydrogen filling stations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Düren already operates three H2 vehicles in its fleet, and Rurtalbus operates five hydrogen buses.

Wolfgang Spelthahn, District Administrator, said, “This is another important building block in our hydrogen strategy.”

Nik Asbach, Managing Director of Rurtalbus, said the hydrogen filling station represents an important infrastructure facility for the steadily growing hydrogen bus fleet over the next few years “and is a key component in the gradual conversion of the bus fleet to hydrogen”.

Hydrogen cars have a range of up to 700km and refuel in three-to-five minutes, while conventional buses need about 15 minutes to refuel and achieve a range of about 300km.

The station received €1.37 million funding from the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport as part of the National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. The guideline is coordinated by NOW and implemented by project management agency Jülich (PtJ).

H2 Mobility is expanding the hydrogen filling station infrastructure in key regions and along the TEN-T corridors. In addition, existing 700 bar hydrogen filling stations will be expanded shortly, to include a 350 bar option.

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