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IG CHINA has established its branding recognized by the industrial gases worldwide since 1999. This annual trade show positions itself well as B2B trade and procurement event.

Starting from its initial launch in 1999, AIT’S team has identified this IG sector to be a nitch market by conducting much analysis of the related industries. And many experts were invited to join in the discussions and evaluations before IG CHINA was designed and highlighted to commence. The first edition of IG CHINA 1999 was staged in Beijing with the global leading players such as MESSER, Air Products, Beijing Oxygen Plant to exhibit. The total space covered 2500 sq. meters. It was a good success!

AIT’s team gained the confidence from this first show and decided to continue for the second year. With the strong supports from the global leading players and local manufacturers, IG CHINA 2000 has moved to Shanghai and tested the market with a bigger success too. Therefore, following the successful two shows, AIT’s team has become more cautious and dedicated to make a careful plan both in the promotion and sales. IG CHINA 2001 was back to Beijing again, but took a decisive step of renting a 4,000 sq. meters show space. Hence, more efforts and investment were made without regret that IG CHINA 2001 achieved a wonderful result.


IG CHINA has been on a rotating tour from Beijing to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai all through out the past years till 2018 when AIT’ s team has decided to move it to Hangzhou again on a permanent base. The reason is because Hangzhou is the largest industrial gases bub of ASU manufacturing and its supporting products suppliers nearby in China. Hangzhou is also a network center with one hour transport to reach out to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi etc.

AIT’s team is expecting to meet old and new friends and exhibitors to join in Hangzhou for a better and fruitful meeting at IG China 2019!

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